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Latest Firmware

Firmware Version 1.24x - Released: 8/1/15


Users Manual
User's Manual for the Fermostat®.
Fermostat® Diagram
A graphical overview of the Fermostat® device and it's connections.
Menu Tree
A layout and brief description of the Menu system. Updated 9/1/14
Default Program Info
Details and graphs of the 'Default Lager' and 'Default Ale' programs.
Character Reference
A graphical layout of the order of the characters used for naming a program.


Fermostat® Overview

This video will give you a quick overview of the contents of the package you will receive when you purchase a Fermostat® as well as how to connect it to your system.

Menu/Usage Overview

This video gives a brief overview and description of the screen and menu layout of the Fermostat®.

Firmware version 1.15 was used when creating this video, minor changes may be detected if using a different firmware version.

**Outdated** - Add/Remove/Navigate Programs

While still helpful, this video is out-of-date. An updated version is in-progress and will be posted soon. Check back for updates.


I am seeing a 'No Heating/Cooling Response' Error

The 'No Cooling/Heating Response' Error is set when the temperature of your system does not react to the heat or cool relay being enabled. If, after 1 hour, the temperature does not drift in the correct direction 1 degree, it will trigger this error. This is to protect a system from running forever if, for instance, you happen to leave the temperature cable out of the fridge, or if you hook up the heat and cool outlets backwards. Once the error is set, it will shut down the power outlets and remain in this condition until the error is cleared or power is recycled on the Fermostat.

This feature can be disabled by setting the 'ResponseEn' selection in the Settings menu to 'Off'.

I cannot update the firmware on my Fermostat®, with the uSD Card inserted, it boots normally.

Make sure the contents of the .zip file are unzipped and placed in the root directory of the uSD Card.

Some of the very first Kickstarter Fermostats have exhibited problems updating firmware with larger uSD Cards. If you are having trouble updating, try a uSD Card that is 512 MB or smaller. (If you didn't purchase your Fermostat from Kickstarter, uSD Card size shouldn't be a problem.)

How do I get past the Name Input screen when adding a program?

A long press on the menu button will move the cursor to the Navigation area. Use the wheel to select whether to continue (Next) or to Cancel adding the program. You also have the option here to Clear the name and start over.

Why isn't the 'Heat' function working?

In most cases, the Fermostat defaults to single-stage mode from the factory (Cool only). You will need to enable the heat function if you are running a dual-stage setup. The main screen on the Fermostat will indicate the status of the Heat/Cool functionality. If the 'Cool' or 'Heat' text on the main screen is inverted, it is enabled. These functions can be enabled or disabled in the Setings area of the Menu.

My Fermostat is not powering up when plugged in.

A probable cause of this problem is a broken fuse. The fuse is user-repleacable.

To replace the fuse, unplug all power plugs from the Fermostat and use a small screwdriver to open the fuse drawer on the input power receptacle. Replace the old fuse with a new 5mm x 20mm, 10A, 250V fuse and close the drawer.

If this doesn't solve the problem, contact Ohmbrew Automations.