The Fermostat®

Automation for Fermentation

Accurate Fermentation Temperature Control
Temperature precision within 0.5 degree Celcius. Read external air temperatures or actual beer temperatures with a submersible thermowell.

Predictive Control
The Fermostat® predicts future temperature fluctuations based on previously collected data and adjusts the relay output accordingly, minimizing temperature overshoot and oscillations.

Straight-forward User Interface
A graphic LCD screen and scroll wheel with center button make interaction with the Fermostat® simple and intuitive.

Can be used to control a refrigerator, kegerator, freezer, or even your own personally built contraption!
Capable of withstanding a wide variety of environments. (Within reason... please don't submerse it in your bathtub.)

Automate the lagering process by slowly shifting your beer to lager temperatures after fermentation.
Internal Storage
Onboard memory stores all of your created programs as well as historical temperature and control data.

Removable Media
A microSD Card slot allows the transfer of data logs and programs to an external PC.

Dual Control
Simultaneously control both a cooling and heating unit to allow fermenting in a wide range of external temperatures.

Programmable Automation
With the Fermostat®, you no longer have to worry about having to fine tune and adjust the temperature of your fermentation chamber.

Ease of Use
Out of the box functionality. Plug it in and it's ready to go! No electrician's expertise nor programming required for immediate use.

Cleverly Sophisticated
Use factory installed programs, or create your own programs to adapt to your particular recipes and methods; intricate or elementary, it's your choice.

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