Catching up.

So, if you’ve not been following along too closely (and judging by blog attendance, you haven’t :), you would believe that this blog is dead. And that’s an understandable reaction.  However, we have found a weak pulse and are trying to revive it.  And while this blog doesn’t have much for recent information, I have used other avenues to keep people up to date on what’s going on around here this past year.  My goal is to try and consolidate all news/updates so you will be able to keep up regardless of your preferred mode of information delivery (Note: if your preferred method is snail mail… I’m not sure how well we’ll be able to accommodate.)

So, to very quickly get you up to speed: in June of 2013, I started my Kickstarter Campaign, which went exceptionally well!   The remainder of 2013 included finalizing the Fermostat and getting ready for deliveries to Kickstarter Backers.  First thing 2014 the Fermostat’s started delivering!  We are currently accepting Fermostat orders and shipping immediately.

Most of the Ohmbrew updates during this time came in the form of the Kickstarter Updates.  Here’s a link to this info if you’re interested.

Since then, there have been a few Newsletter type offerings.  I’ll do my best to make this information available as well as put links to future newsletters on the blog.  If you are interested in getting the Ohmbrew Automations Newsletter sent to you, you can submit your email address for this on the main Ohmbrew Automations page.

So, I apologize for any discombobulation resulting from the disorganization of information.  I will do my best to, uh, dis-discombobulate in the future…



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