Firmware Version 1.05d Released

A new firmware version has been released and it is now available in the Downloads section of the Support page of the Ohmbrew Automations Website. Updating to this version of firmware is highly recommended.

This is a fairly significant update that addresses quite a few bugs and adds several new features. This version has taken a little longer than I had hoped, but there have been quite a few changes that will not be noticed by the end-user (at least they shouldn’t be). These changes allow the Fermostat to run more efficiently and for easier implementation of future updates.

Continue reading below if you’re interested in the changes implemented.  Or you can just look the firmware release notes for a much more abbreviated list.

Temperature Response Test Feature Update

This firmware version includes an enable/disable setting for the Temperature Response safety feature of the Fermostat. The Temperature Response function checks to verify the system is responding in the manner that the Fermostat is requesting and creates a system error and shuts down if incorrect.  Examples include situations where you plug the heat source into the cold outlet and vise versa, or if the thermostat is incorrectly placed (outside of the system, for instance).  There are a few systems with outlying response systems that were having problems with this feature, so a disable feature was added.

This setting is labeled ‘ResponseEn’ under the Settings section of the menu.

I have also updated the Temperature Response test parameters to account for each temperature scale (i.e. the parameters are different for Celsius versus Fahrenheit).  There have also been several other bug fixes relating to the Celsius scale as a result of more Celsius users helping me test and get the kinks worked out.   Thanks for your help!

Program Review Feature Added

Another sizeable addition to this firmware release is the ability to review a program. This addition required a slight change to the Menu layout.  There is now a ‘Programs’ selection under the main menu.  This was done to simplify the menu a little. The ‘Programs’ selection includes the ability to Add, Review or Remove a program.

The Review selection will show an overview of the selected program. Once a program is selected, it will bring up a screen that shows the Start Temperature, Stop Temperature, Duration and Rate of each step of the program. The Rate column will show either a ‘-1′, ’0′, or ’1′. A ‘-1′ indicates a negative gradient temperature, meaning the temperature is being lowered in this step. A ’0′ indicates that the step is a constant temperature and a ’1′ indicates that the temperature is being raised in this temp.

Step Labels

Another nice change is an improvement to the labeling of a particular step. When creating a program, the ‘Shift’ label option has been removed and ‘ShiftUp’ and ‘ShiftDn’ have been added in it’s place. So any current custom programs you have might have to be re-added or some of your step labels will be incorrect. Besides the label being incorrect, everything else should work fine.


There are quite a few exciting changes coming down the pipeline, so keep an eye out for further updates.  Also, if you have a found a bug or a have a suggestion for a feature or update, feel free to send a note.


Catching up.

So, if you’ve not been following along too closely (and judging by blog attendance, you haven’t :), you would believe that this blog is dead. And that’s an understandable reaction.  However, we have found a weak pulse and are trying to revive it.  And while this blog doesn’t have much for recent information, I have used other avenues to keep people up to date on what’s going on around here this past year.  My goal is to try and consolidate all news/updates so you will be able to keep up regardless of your preferred mode of information delivery (Note: if your preferred method is snail mail… I’m not sure how well we’ll be able to accommodate.)

So, to very quickly get you up to speed: in June of 2013, I started my Kickstarter Campaign, which went exceptionally well!   The remainder of 2013 included finalizing the Fermostat and getting ready for deliveries to Kickstarter Backers.  First thing 2014 the Fermostat’s started delivering!  We are currently accepting Fermostat orders and shipping immediately.

Most of the Ohmbrew updates during this time came in the form of the Kickstarter Updates.  Here’s a link to this info if you’re interested.

Since then, there have been a few Newsletter type offerings.  I’ll do my best to make this information available as well as put links to future newsletters on the blog.  If you are interested in getting the Ohmbrew Automations Newsletter sent to you, you can submit your email address for this on the main Ohmbrew Automations page.

So, I apologize for any discombobulation resulting from the disorganization of information.  I will do my best to, uh, dis-discombobulate in the future…